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Free Registration to all Finish Contract Helpers


Don’t rely on luck, depend on experts. World Champ Agency is home to the best and most successful maids in the world, with countless maids deployed globally and locally. With a wide connection of trusted and rewarding employers we don’t just provide opportunities to choose from, we’ll never stop until you get it.

We offer FREE REGISTRATION to finish contract helpers or those released due to employer’s death, relocation or financial problem.

-We accept both male and female applicants
-We welcome all nationalities
-Choose from Western/Asian employers looking for finish contract/terminated with good
release letter
-Urgent need for applicants with Western family working experience in HK
-Choose from many full time/part-time jobs for HK residents

*We also offer direct hire processing service

Hear the TRUTH from those WHO HAVE TRUSTED.

“My Lucky Break”
I discovered World Champ Agency website (1MaidHK.com) from a friend who’s browsing the internet. I was a tourist visiting HK during that time. I tried my luck and World Champ agency immediately arranged 3 interviews. Luckily a Japanese employer signed contract before my return to the Philippines! I can’t believe that my visa was approved in 2 weeks and now I’m happily working in HK. I’m lucky to have a good employer and got my own room equipped with landline. Thank you very much World Champ agency. You are my angel!
-Jaylen Jacinto (Sai Yung Pun)

“Fast and Easy Success”
My friend Lezel who got a job thru World Champ agency referred me to apply. A few days before my visitor’s visa expired, I had an interview, had a try out and test drive with a Chinese employer. The employer offered me a domestic helper/driver job even though I’m a first-timer and signed contract before I went back to the Philippines. My visa application got approved in less than 1 month. I owe my fast and easy success to World Champ, they are very kind.
-Dolores Brazal (Mid-levels)

“World Champ gives their best”
I initially signed contract with an expat employer but finally decided not to push through with the visa application. My visa was expiring but I thank God that World Champ agency tried their best to arrange all the paper work signed by a Korean family with a starting salary of HK$4,000 plus HK$775/month food allowance. I’ve never encountered an agency who’ll do their best for your success, thank you very much World Champ!
-Julie Sarape (Kowloon Station)

“Everything you Need in a Maid Agency”
My experience with World Champ agency was great. After they arrange 2 interviews, a Greek expat family signed contract with me. They are working couple and got a 2 years old son. I’m very happy that they offered me a starting salary of HK$5,000. I couldn’t ask for more from my agency who delivered more than what they can promise, thank GOD.
-Vivian Perez (Lam Tin)

“Thank you Mam Alice!”
Last January 2010, ang hirap talagang humanap ng employer na mabait. Kaya lang kung talagang para sa iyo ay mapapasaiyo. Maraming employer ang inayawan ko kasi talagang mabigat ang loob ko sa kanila. Hanggang na overstay na ako sa Hong Kong ng tatlong araw. Buti na lang merong nagturo sa akin sa World Champ Agency sa Central, kaya dalidali akong nag pirma ng form. Habang nandoon ako sa immigration ay tumawag ang agency na meron na daw akong Japanese employer na gustong pumirma sa akin at nag-offer sila ng work from Monday to Friday lang. Maraming salamat kay Ma’am Alice sa World Champ Agency sa support niya sa oras ng aking kagipitan, and most of all to our Almighty God who is always ready to give what we ask from Him. Thanks!
-Yolly Manuel (Tsim Sha Tsui)

“I’ll be loyal to World Champ forever”
After working for 20 years with 1 employer in HK, I decided to go back for good. However, life is very difficult in the Philippines that I decided to apply again in HK. It must have been fate that drove me to apply in World Champ Agency while visiting HK as tourist and I was fortunate to find a very nice Chinese/Korean couple. It was so sad that I was released after 5 months due to their relocation in New York, USA. Here I am now, working for a Chinese working couple with a 2 yrs old kid with the same salary as my previous employer at HK$4,000/month, all through the help of World Champ agency.
-Rebecca Aviles (Mei Foo)


Interested parties, please visit or call:
World Champ International Employment Agency
3/F, Jim’s Commercial Building
102 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong
(near Hang Seng Bank main office)
Tel: 2590-9328 ; 2811-5721
Email: world_champ_hk@yahoo.com


One Agency Fulfills 2 Big Dreams-Male and Female Domestic Helper Happily Lands Dream Job for Same Employer in Bahamas

Yasser & Agnes poses with new friends in Bahamas during their day-off

For years, Yasser was losing heart. News about male domestic helpers successfully working abroad were scarce, if not discouraging but his current success proves that it wasn’t only possible, it was easy too—if you lean on the right agency.

For starters, not only did he land the dream job as a handy man and gardener, he landed it in his dream country, the Bahamas. How did he do it? It was actually more of a question of how did they do it, he and his agency.

Yasser, a 32 year old jolly guy from Davao, was not exempted from suffering the worst experiences from the worst agencies in Hong Kong before. “In other agencies, it’s a tragic experience. I lost a lot of money and it’s better not to mention because it will only recall bad and bitter memories.”

It was not until a friend referred him to World Champ that his life experienced a major turnaround.

World Champ was confident that Yasser was the right candidate for the job and that confidence were all in good faith for Yasser only had 2 interviews with the same employer and immediately got the job he wanted all his life.

In fact, the toughest hurdle he faced during the application process was just the delay in the release of his e-passport which he eventually overcame thru righteous decision-making and above all, constant praying.

If it’s a winning situation for Yasser, it’s a double win for World Champ. The agency has been able to send not one but two domestic helpers to the same employer in Bahamas.

Agnes also shares the luck of Yasser.

Agnes, 47, single mother from the Philippines, has worked years in Hong Kong & Singapore but World Champ gave her the biggest break in her career with a housekeeper job in Bahamas.

Yasser and Agnes were deployed by World Champ last May 2011 and the agency never fails to follow up on their working and living condition. Both are doing perfectly happy with their jobs and their life. Their generous job offer includes a BS$350/week salary, free air ticket, food & accommodation, 3 years renewable contract and National health insurance.
“I am happy here, and if I am to choose & given a chance, I wanna live in The Bahamas with my family & friends. I am lucky to have down to earth employers.” Agnes happily exclaims.

World Champ is one of the few agencies in Hong Kong who have been successfully deploying male and female domestic helpers to their dream countries since 2006, contrary to the belief that there is a dry spell for male workers succeeding abroad in the domestic field.

Agnes is just among other hundreds of women living the big dream. Yasser, the male living testament has only one advice to give: “With all honesty, if you want to go to Bahamas without fear of being maloko (tricked) or ma-scam (scammed), please apply here at World Champ Agency”.

All these may be hard to believe but their luck is not merely based on chance but on the hard work and resources of their agency as well. They made it all happen. To discover infinite possibilities like Yasser & Agnes, don’t just relax,visit:
World Champ International Employment Agency
3/F, Jim’s Commercial Bldg.,
102 Des Voeux Road,
Central, Hong Kong
Tel : 2590-9328 or 2811-5721.

All fulfilled dreams lead here. Discover yours now!


Lucky Domestic Helper Finds Dream Job in Spain

It’s record breaking, it’s life-changing.

This is not the first time a domestic helper has found a great job in Spain, and only World Champ agency has set this record.

Filipina Estrelita A., 37, has long dreamed to work in Spain but years went by with no sign of her dream fulfilling. Last year, she even decided to retire in the Philippines by 2011 but her amazing job offer along with the full support of family and friends made her to live the dream, again.

It took her 2 agencies, a rejected job offer in Canada and years of patience and hard work in Hong Kong before finding the right agency and the right job. It was The Sun newspaper that shed light to her discovery of that one worthy agency: World Champ.

Having a college degree in Secretarial Science and Certified Nurse Aide Skills Training did not assure better career chances for Estrelita. She did manage to find a job though in Hong Kong that lasted for 12 years with one Chinese employer. She took care of 3 children who are now 13, 9 and 2 and soon she’ll be taking care of a newborn baby this time in Spain.

Right after she encountered World Champ Agency, a golden opportunity landed. In the fateful day of Oct. 24, 2010, after one batch of video interview, right then and there, she got the job of her life. It took less than 3 months for her Spanish working visa to be approved. It’s that fast with the right agency.

“World Champ Agency is conveniently located in Central, garantisado sila at number 1 agency for Spain and Bahamas.” These are Estrelita’s top 3 reasons for patronizing World Champ.

Estrelita proudly claims that World Champ is the only agency that gave her full support, the only agency any domestic helper needs to find a real great job abroad.

“Mga kababayan, World Champ ay nasubukan na at garantisado, mag-apply na kayo para matupad ang inyong mga dreams sa buhay!” Estrelita advices.